Monday, July 4, 2011


Has it really been a month since I've blogged?

Sorry for my absence... if there is anyone out there still reading. 

I've been caught up in life and just haven't felt like jotting any of it down. Some of it has been captured on camera, others are just memories, equally special none the less. 

These two have been spending LOTS of time together.

Maybe too much! Taylor seems to "enjoy" beating up on Jackson. I feel like every 5 seconds I'm saying, "Taylor, don't hit Jackson," "Taylor, say sorry," "Taylor, do you want to go to time-out?" Ugh! I feel like a broken record! Then she just smiles, it melts your heart, and who could stay mad at that?

Paul's mom flew in from Florida and stayed for a week before heading to Poland to visit her family. We had a great time (although I didn't take many pictures). I just wish his parent's still lived close by. I hate that they miss so much of Taylor growing up!

And lastly, Taylor is really developing some major personality. She's so funny! And so smart! She loves being with me, singing, dancing, and talking. I swear, she never stops! Every week it seems like her language skills get better and better. She is putting more and more words together at a time, and really starting to pronounce syllables. I'm always so amazed and feel so blessed to call her mine!