Monday, September 6, 2010

9 months

Taylor's 9 month well check went great! She currently weights 21 lbs 7 oz which puts her in the 90th percentile. Her height is now 29 inches which is also in the 90th percentile. I think she is actually taller than that though. They make you hold the baby's head and then they stretch out the legs, but I didn't see her straighten Taylor out all the way, so I think she is taller, but whatever). 

In the past few days Taylor has made a big change in her eating habits. She started to throw a huge fit anytime it was time to eat. Pushing away the spoon, crying, throwing her body. So I decided to put little tiny pieces of food in front of her and what a difference that made. She wants real food, and she wants to feed herself. So far it's been going great! I'm amazed at how fast she is growing and how independent she is. We went to Z Tejas last weekend and Taylor had her first meal off the kids menu! My baby girl is getting so big! 

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