Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Baby's First Christmas

When Paul and I got married we decided that we would alternate where we spent the holiday's each year. Last year we enjoyed Christmas in San Antonio with Paul's parents, so this year we went to Houston to celebrate with my family. The plan was to go to my brother and sister-in-laws house in Conroe and grill steaks. Unfortunately Norma (my sister-in-law) came down with the flu and we had to rearrange our plans. We ended up doing lunch at my parents house, minus Norma. Her doctor said it would not be a good idea to be around the baby, or Jamie (who is pregnant). In our family, Norma always takes such wonderful pictures and emails them to everyone. Halfway through Christmas I read an email from Norma that said she sent the camera with John (my brother) and to make sure we take lots of pictures. Oops.... not a single shot had been taken so I told John we better start taking photos. We tried taking pictures that we thought Norma would take... they came out pretty good, but I'm sure Norma would have done a much better job. We took several pictures with the guys wearing silly wigs that my nephew Joshua brought with him. Hope y'all like the pictures as much as we do!

Before we left for Houston, my mom took some pictures of me, Paul, and Taylor in front of our Christmas tree. She bought several outfits for Taylor (all of which were to big). So we put the outfit on her temporarily just for a few shots. The pictures turned out ok. The plan was to make Christmas cards and send them out to everyone, but with a new baby, time just flew by and before I knew it Christmas had come and gone. Maybe next year I will take them early. So since Taylor didn't have a Christmas outfit, she ended up wearing an outfit that was given to her by Aunt Jamie. It has yorkie's on the t-shirt. So cute! She slept through most of Christmas day, but at least she looked cute! Please ignore the sweat pants I wore all day. It's always freezing in my mom's house!

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  1. So, I was looking at your facebook pics and then saw you had a blog...yeah, I love blogs! Anyways, glad you guys had a good first Christmas with Taylor!

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