Monday, October 4, 2010

10 Months

Another month has gone by faster than the blink of an eye and Taylor is growing more and more every minute. She now bangs her head on the kitchen table because she is so tall, eats fallen food off her high chair, stands for long periods without holding on, and is in constant pain from teething! She loves her bunny blanket and must have it to fall asleep. If food tastes sweet, she likes it. She screams for more yogurt and cries hysterically when it's all gone. She loves daddy, bites mommy, recently gave herself a black eye and finds joy in playing with empty water bottles. Feeding Max is very entertaining, diaper changes can unleash a tantrum, yo gabba gabba gets a smile every time, and those big blues keep melting my heart.
Another month has gone by and each day I love her more.
Happy 10 months Taylor!!!

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