Thursday, October 14, 2010

Black Eyes, Bruises, & Scratches

Poor Taylor has taken a beating lately! First she threw her face into the table at a friends house and gave herself a black eye!

Totally her fault, right?!?

 Well the next one is totally my fault! We were headed out for a walk and I put Max's leash on the handle bar to Taylor's stroller so I could go press the button to close the garage. I hadn't strapped Taylor in yet, and I thought I had both brakes on (but only one was on), I turned around just in time to see Max pull hard and the stroller fall over! I was running but there was no way I was going to reach her. She hit her head on the concrete and cried for 5 minutes! The bump showed up right away but began to fade by the next... thank goodness!

I didn't notice at the time, but she also scraped her belly as well. Daddy found it once he got home from work.

I'm such a bad mommy! Taylor recovered quickly from the whole ordeal and we took her for ice cream to tell her how sorry I was!

This bite was a little too cold!

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