Thursday, December 16, 2010

The picture that was not

We took probably over 100 pictures on 3 different occasions and finally came up with a photo that was suitable for a family Christmas card. Last year we unfortunately never got around to a Christmas card with a new born so I had big plans for this year. This picture took a close second to the one we actually chose, and now looking back I kind of wish we would have used this. I'll post the actual card later after everyone should have received it. And I would like to say that I had the hardest time getting Paul in this outfit, but I have to say he now wears the outfit all the time! :)


  1. This picture is AWESOME!!! Don't know how you got Paul in that either, but I'm glad you did:)

  2. You should have done the one piece zip-up jammies! :) Love the picture!

  3. I loved the card you sent :) Thanks!