Monday, December 6, 2010

Polka Dot Party!

So I couldn't throw a 1st birthday party without taking lots of pictures! Prepare yourself for another long post!

I worked really hard on this party, made all of the decorations and all of the food and desserts. Unfortunately my homemade crackers (yes, I said homemade crackers) didn't make it into the pictures! I'm making them again soon and will be sure to post about it.


  1. Jennifer -- What a wonderful design and festive party. The decorations, party favors and all were perfect... I enjoyed all the pictures...your effort definitely paid off. Can't wait to see next year! Sheila H.

  2. Was searching the web for polka dot party decor ideas and came across your post. what a lovely party!! i'd love for more details on your polka dot cookie recipe & also i love, love your beverage stand & dispenser. where did you get it from?

  3. Hi Karisa! My beverage stand & dispenser are from pottery barn. I was in the store this weekend and they still have the dispenser, but I'm not sure about the stand. They had lots of cute other options though.
    The cookie recipe is from Bakerella. I don't know how to attach a link in a comment form. So glad you liked my party! I spent months planning and made everything myself!

  4. thanks for the info!! it looks like it was a wonderful party!