Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Missing My Baby

Last weekend we attended a wedding in Galveston, so we dropped Taylor off at my parent's house on the way. As hard as it was saying goodbye to my baby, I needed a weekend getaway. 

Obviously by the looks of this picture, she had a great time!

And when we got home to Austin, Taylor did something amazing! She counted to 10! Literally! I'm not kidding! I started to count her toy cookies and I said one and she immediately followed with two, three, four, and so on! Paul happened to walk in the room at that very moment and we were both so proud of our girl!

Taylor is getting so big and becoming a little lady. She always says please and thank you. If she hits you she will say, I'm sorry mommy, or daddy, or Max, or whoever she just hit. Sometimes I think she likes to hit just so she can say sorry!

She is always saying, "Daddy, are you?" (where are you), "Max, are you?" It's so cute! My heart melts every time she opens her mouth. She loves to put more than one word together at a time and I'm sure she'll be speaking sentences by the time she's 2!

Ok, enough bragging about my girl (but what mother doesn't!). I just LOVE my Tay Tay to pieces!

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