Friday, February 5, 2010

Happy 2 months Taylor... and other things

Well yesterday Taylor turned 2 months. And how did we celebrate??? With shots. :( She was very brave. I stood over her and just kept my face very close, held her hands and just comforted her. She started crying as soon as they stuck her with the first needle. Poor baby. I felt so bad. She was fine after about 5 minutes and even shot me a smile when I put her clothes back on. She was a little off the rest of the afternoon. She kept crying and wouldn't really eat at her last 3 feedings. Paul and I thought maybe she had a fever (the doc said that happens after shots) but she didn't. Since she didn't eat that much I was for sure she would wake me up in the middle of the night... but she didn't. Such a good girl. I bet my next baby won't sleep at all! I took some more pictures of her in her crib so we can see how much bigger she is compared to last month. Her are her stats from her doctors appointment.
Weight: 13 lbs 11 oz, 97th percentile for weight
Height: 24 in, 90th percentile for height
The doctor said she has a good proportion of weight to height, so I guess that is good!

So this week Paul had to travel to New York for a work conference. I hate staying by myself so I went to Houston to be with my family. We were also celebrating my dad's 70th birthday (happy birthday daddy!) and my nephew Joshua's 11th birthday (happy birthday Joshua!). We all went to pappasitos and had a great time. I came back to Austin on Wednesday and Paul got home that night at about midnight. Before he left New York he stopped at FAO Schwarz for a gift for Taylor. He got her some books and a little bunny blanket. I told Paul every time he goes out of town for work he has to bring her home a present now! I'm sure he won't mind! Here are alot, and I mean alot of pictures. First of Paul, Taylor, & her presents, and then from our lunch at Pappasitos.

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  1. She's getting so big! I wouldn't know what it is like to have a baby in the correct height AND weight percentile. All my boys have been way more round than tall:) Those shots are always so hard to watch. However, at least now she doesn't see it coming. Wait till she's 4 and gets 4 shots. That well- check is the worst.