Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sleeping Beauty

Taylor is turning out to be a great sleeper (knock on wood)! Last night she slept for 11 hours, and 10 hours the night before! I hope this will become permanent, but only time will tell. If it does I want to start putting her to sleep earlier. Right now I try to keep her up until 10pm, but I would like to try 9pm because she really starts to get tired around that time. I snapped some pictures of her sleeping in her crib this morning before she woke up. I know you aren't supposed to have anything in the crib, but I swaddle her at night and she usually kicks it off at some point.

So I mentioned previously that I have been trying to get a photo of Taylor smiling. I haven't gotten one yet, but you can tell she was smiling in this photo right before she stuck her tongue out. She has recently discovered it and is always sticking it out. It's so cute!

Taylor and daddy watching TV

Tummy Time!

Cute hat Jamie bought on Etsy

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