Sunday, January 24, 2010

RUN RUN as fast as you can

Today I made my first solo trip to town lake. As I mentioned previously I've been several times with the baby, but because she is still so young I can only walk. My in-laws are in town and my mother in-law loves holding Taylor, so I took advantage of the situation and went by myself. Jamie and I are doing the Houston Rodeo 5k fun run at the end of September so I need to prepare myself. I ran the first stretch from the mopac bridge to the pedestrian bridge, walked across, and walked a little ways on the next stretch. I was running into the wind on the last stretch so that made it much more difficult. Here a few of my likes and dislikes from my walk/run today.
the beautiful clear sky
the guy riding his bike singing at the top of his lungs
running in the direction of the wind
the dogs that were so happy to be at the lake
feeling myself getting thinner :)
having to pee as soon as I got to the lake
running into the wind
men in biker shorts showing their whole package
being doubled lapped (they were seasoned runners)
groups walking side by side with multiple strollers (wait until the week day when it's not so crowded)
getting dust blown in my face

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