Saturday, January 23, 2010


So I promised pictures and here they are!

These are from when my mom was in town. We went to the mall and put sunglasses on her. I didn't buy any yet because I want to make sure I get the right size for summer. The last one is when we were eating mexican food at Santa Rita Cantina.

Paul took this photo of me sleeping with Taylor on my chest. Please ignore the fact that I put tanning lotion on my face and not my arms. The problem has since been fixed!

I think this outfit is pretty on her... everything is!

I was trying to get a head start on dinner, so I put Taylor in her bouncer on the kitchen island so she could watch me cook and I could talk to her. She lasted about 30 minutes before she started crying... but the crying could have been from the onions :)

I have been trying to go to town lake a few days a week with the baby. I snapped this one of her in her car seat before we left the house. She looks so long!

Taylor has been smiling a lot lately. I keep trying to snap a photo of it, but she turns it off for the camera. She has also discovered her hands lately and is really moving them all around. This one kind of captures that!

These two are Taylor on Paul's lap. She really looks long here.


  1. She's gonna have long legs just like her Mommy - lucky girl... I laughed out loud at the tanning story. I would have never noticed if you hadn't said anything!

  2. Oh! And post some videos! You may be able to catch her smiling that way too!

  3. I don't know how to do a video... I guess I can try with my camera. Only problem is I don't think it has sound :(

  4. She's just so cute! Love the sunglasses. Forgive me for commenting on this, but it is just the mom in me...make sure when she is in the carseat that you have the chest buckle at armpit level. If it is too low she can come out of it if in a car accident.