Thursday, April 8, 2010

First "Official" Play date

Yesterday I got together with two of my friends Sheridan and Laura for a baby play date. Laura has a bun in the oven and Sheridan has a daughter, Reagan who is 3 months older than Taylor. We've had other outings with other kids, but this was the first where we actually sat on the floor and played with toys. I think Taylor enjoyed herself. She was in awe of this ball that Reagan has that rolls around on the floor. She was reaching for it with such force that I have never seen from her before. Daddy and I plan to make a trip to Babies R Us this weekend in an attempt to find that toy.

Taylor and the toy in question

Reagan is a big girl and can sit on her own

The girls together

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  1. It's the Crawl Ball! I still have Mason and Wyatt's ball and Hudson loves to play with it. Now that he is walking he usually just carries it around and drops it on the floor. So far no broken tiles, but I think it is about time to retire that toy for us.