Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Taylor turned 5 months yesterday, so as usual, I took some pictures. She was in a great mood, but I couldn't get a smile out of her! She also had this infatuation with her right foot. She did not want to put it down!

Ready for the day!

Just waking from a nap

Naked girl!

How do I get this dress back on?


Best Friend Max

Sock Monkey

Now that Taylor is 5 months she has learned many new things....
When we say her name, she turns her head to look at us
She can High-five and wave when she wants too
She has discovered her voice and likes to make little screaming noises
She almost sits up. I keep trying to get a picture of her sitting, but by the time my camera is ready this is all I get...

don't worry... there is a pillow there to break her fall!

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