Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Good Bye Austin Dinner

Tomorrow Paul and I depart on our first "solo" trip to Napa Valley. While the idea sounded great at first, I am now having second thoughts. Several times today I teared up while looking at Taylor. What am I supposed to do without my little sidekick? I know she is in good hands of course. Grandma and grandpa are here to watch her, and of course her big brother Max will make sure she is ok as well.

Whenever I have guests I always like to make sure they are well fed. Since I will only be spending tonight with my parents I wanted to cook them a nice dinner. We had arugula salad with citrus dressing, vegetable risotto, and shortbread cookies dipped in chocolate. Everything homemade of course! Thanks Ina (she is The Barefoot Contessa for those of you who do not watch food network). Here's a picture of our dinner.

My mom snapped a photo of me carrying my sweat pea upstairs, and then another one while I was feeding her in her room. She will probably still be sleeping when we leave in the morning so I really cherished this moment. Tears :'(


  1. I found your blog through Laura's and your little girl is just precious! I hope that you enjoy your vaca!

  2. All parents need to get away! Have a great time.