Sunday, May 2, 2010

This is What Tired Looks Like

Poor Taylor. She played so hard she just crashed out! Smack dab right there on her play gym. I laid her down to play so I could cook dinner. She started crying (new thing she does when I leave her side) but I thought, she can cry it out for a few minutes. All of a sudden there was no noise. I assumed she was watching TV (which she seems to enjoy). Then Paul walked by her on his way to the backyard, looked at her, and said, "is she dead?" I come over, take one look, and she's sleeping. It was too cute not to snap a photo. I'm sure this will not be the last time she falls asleep on this thing!

Side Note: I lay her on her back, in the middle of the play gym. First thing she does is roll to her tummy. Next, she seems to wiggle her way around. One time I found she had wiggled her way under the chair that was right next to the play gym. I tried to snap a photo but there was no time. She was REALLY mad.

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