Sunday, May 2, 2010

High Chair Time

At Taylor's 4month check-up I got the go ahead from her doctor to start introducing food. As everyone knows, you start with rice cereal. I started sneaking cereal into her last bottle at 6 weeks of age so I figured I'd start with peas. It went great the first feeding, but the next day she was not excited at all. New flavors plus new way of eating do not mix. So I backed off from the peas and started with the cereal. And I'm glad to say she is doing great! Now I'm trying to make the switch from feeding in the bouncer to feeding in the high chair. I got her all hooked in, gave her some toys, and started taking pics before I fed her. Now I know she looks content in these pictures, but like most things with Taylor, it didn't last long. We are still doing the feeding in the bouncer for now, but I will try again soon. She just looks so cute sitting in her high chair!

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