Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

I have been looking forward to Mother's Day all week. I'm sure all first time mother's were. It's a day that we have celebrated our whole lives for our own mothers, and now, as new moms, we get to share in the excitement!

Mine actually began Friday. Paul got home from work and said, "shit, I forgot to get your mother's day present. Can I just tell you what it is?" Way to kick it off, huh. Turns out Paul was going to get me the new Giada cookbook (which I have been wanting). Well lucky for him I had just bought the cookbook for myself hours before. Scratch one off the list for Paul. Now on to Saturday. Paul went to the gym early, then stopped by whole foods to pick up lunch. He came home with some pretty flowers for me. Thank you Paul. Later that afternoon I sent him to the mailbox. He came back and I asked him how many Mother's Day cards I got (seeing as this is my first Mother's Day I was expecting 2, maybe 3). He said none. Thinking he was joking I said, no really, how many...... None. Needless to say, I was disappointed. I mailed all my cards on Thursday so they would arrive on Saturday and could be opened on Sunday. I asked Paul if he got me a card and of course, he said no. So not one Mother's Day card on my 1st Mother's Day. Realizing that I was upset, Paul told me he had to go to Lowe's to get fertilizer. He came back with cards instead. Saturday evening I asked if we could go to brunch for Mother's Day. Answer... Yes.
4:00 am, Taylor wakes up. I feed her
7:00 am, Taylor wakes up. I get up. Happy Mother's Day
So, Sunday Mother's day brunch. Not really going to happen because Paul is hungry and can't wait until brunch. I make pancakes. Paul goes to the gym. I clean up the kitchen. Happy Mother's Day.

Earlier this week I watched the Mother's Day episode of "The Middle." If you saw it, I would say that pretty much sums up mine. I mean, why do we even have Mother's Day? Mother's day is everyday. Everyday we mother's make sure that the people around us are taken care of and happy. We put them before ourselves as we do everyday. So why even bother with a Mother's Day holiday? Ok, so I sound like a debbie downer. I just had all these expectations of what my first Mother's day would be like and not one happened. In my head, the day went something like this.
7:00, Taylor wakes, Paul says, Happy Mother's day. You sleep in for a change. I got this
8:00, I open mother's day cards. Inside the envelope from Paul it says surprise! You have a massage session booked today.
11:00 Mother's day brunch with my husband and little girl
2:00, massage
5:00 relaxing with my family on my 1st Mother's day and realizing how lucky I am.

Ok, so I am still lucky. I have a great family that I am very thankful for. I wouldn't trade them for my "ideal Mother's day." But dad's, take note. Mother's day is just that... MOTHER'S DAY. Please take this one day to thank your wife for all that she does for you and your children. We sacrifice everything for our families, especially ourselves. Take this one day to show her how much you love and appreciate all that she does. Because we all know, mom's don't hear that enough!

Happy Mother's Day.


  1. Yeah...I swept and mopped the floors and helped make breakfast. Then, I did all the prep for lunch and helped grill... but, I don't think the hubs and I would be sleeping in the same bed tonight had he gone to the gym! :)
    In my husbands defense...I also got cards, a pedicure gift certificate and flowers. But, yes, on my first mother's day, adam forgot the card. He has never forgotten and now I get cards from him and a seperate one from each child! :)Sometimes, it just takes a year(or two) of grooming to get them to understand and...just wait until father's day!


  2. Awww Jen! You're officially a Mom, no thank you's no apprecaite high fives, nada. Know your little Taylor is super thankful for you though!


  3. I know it's not a card, but if it makes you feel any better, Brandon couldn't stop talking about how great you looked all day. You have really set the bar high for me:) Not that I disagreed with him one bit. You look just as Beautiful as ever. Let me know if you ever need a sitter for that precious thing, I promise I'm good!!! Happy Mother's Day Jennifer!

  4. sorry I didn't get you a card! I know I was one of the people who you were expecting it from! I didn't even get any of the moms a card. I have pregnancy brain and am very forgetful right now!

    Thank you for my card! Love you!