Saturday, June 26, 2010

I think I can

Yes. She pulled herself up on that all by herself! This is the first time she did that on her own. Recently Taylor's favorite thing to do is stand while I hold her hands. I showed her how to hold on to our ottoman, but it's a little to tall for her to pull herself up yet. We went to our good friends Jordan and Whitney's house for dinner and their ottoman was the perfect size for Taylor. After all, their two boys used that ottoman to learn how to walk!

We also played in the backyard and Taylor had a good time in the swing!

And lastly, Taylor's 2 bottom teeth have finally made an appearance! I knew all that ear pulling wansn't for nothing! I tried to snap a picture of them but they aren't sticking out far enough yet. And trying to get a baby to lift her tongue while holding the camera doesn't really work to well!

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