Monday, June 7, 2010

Oh the places you'll go...

For the past week and a half Taylor and I have been spending some time in Houston. We did lots of things and kept very busy. I felt so bad leaving Paul in Austin all by himself seeing as he only got to spend about 3 days with Taylor after we got back from Napa.

Let's see, where do we begin. I left Wednesday morning during Taylor's "nap" time. She did great until we were about halfway to Houston. I pulled over at a Starbucks, fed her, and got back in the car. Big mistake stopping. She did not want to go back in the car and preceded to scream the entire last hour of our drive. It was just as hard on me as it was on her. As soon as we got to my parents house and I got Taylor out of the car she was fine.

That evening my sister and two other girls went to the Taylor Swift concert.

I had a good time!

We went to see my friend Tori's new baby, Nash. Taylor got to play with Nash's big brother Ryder and Kayla's son Ryan. He even gave her a kiss!

For Memorial Day we went to a high school graduation party for a family friend who had the most fabulous pool! Taylor wore her cute dress and played in the water!

Taylor spent time with her grandpa

Had dinner with "MY" Canadians!

Hosted a baby shower for my sister

And finally returned home to daddy! Oh how we missed you!

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