Monday, April 11, 2011

City Center

Two weekends ago Paul got tickets to the final four in Houston, so off we went. He took my brother-in-law to the game, and I got to hang out with my mom, sister, and babies. One day we headed over to City Center for lunch and to watch the Dog Festival. Taylor had so much fun, as did all of us. I stole these pictures straight from my sister's blog, A Wonderful Little Life. Check it out!

Jackson likes Tay Tay's hamburger


Tay Tay likes the balls

she loved this doggie with the flower

bye bye doggie

Tay Tay couldn't wait for her balloon.  Then when the clown handed it to her she said no!

these dogs were awesome!

wonder what they are talking about

so funny!  She would just stop and dance.  She dropped it like its hot

Jackson doesn't look to happy.  It was nap time but there was too much going on o sleep!

yummm cupcakes!

Let the dog parade begin!

All dogs go to heaven

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  1. I love the last pic of you two with Tay and Jackson!