Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

This Easter we planned a low key get-together with some great friends at our house. I can honestly say this is one of the best Easter's I've ever had! Not that Easter's past were bad, but this one was special because it was "our" family making new memories and hopefully, new traditions. 

We started the day off by letting Taylor open her Easter basket. Well, she actually went and found it and made us give it to her!

Then Daddy helped her uncover all the goodies inside!

At 11, our friends arrived and everyone was starving, so we sat down to eat. In true Taylor fashion, she had a melt down and ended up taking her nap early. Unfortunately I didn't think about snapping pics of our fabulous meal until after everyone had eaten, so the photos aren't that great, and there wasn't much food left. 

These egg cakes are a part of my childhood, and now, I want to make them part of Taylor's. Every Easter we would go camping with our neighbors and their grandma would make these. They were the most delicious amazing cakes I had ever eaten. They were so kind to share the recipe and now I can make them for Taylor. Another post on this later!

Cabbage and Potato Hash... this was all that was left!

Veggie Frittata!

Jordan drinking mimosas courtesy of Brandie and Dallas

There were also delicious pancakes Whitney made, but by the time I got my camera out they were all eaten!

The egg hunt is about to begin!

Porter found one!

Reiser must see an egg!

Lots of eggs in Reiser's basket!

Whitney with the kids

Pretty Marley

Sadly, Taylor woke up after the fun was over. Later in the day we headed over to Jordan and Whitney's for some Austin's pizza. Taylor took a slice home and ate it like a big girl for the first time. These are the only other photos I took of her today!


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